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Thursday, May 5, 2011

License Plate Game Guatemalan Style

    Almost every driving vacation I have taken with my family, I've played the license plate game.  I decided to see which countries and states I could find while in Guatemala.

1.      Guatemala
  2.      El Salvador
3.      Honduras
4.      Texas
5.     Washington DC
6.     California
7.     México
8.     Colorado
9.     Arizona
10.   France
11.   Alberta
12.   Arkansas
13.   South Dakota
14.   Oregon
15.   Nicaragua
16.   Illinois
17.   British Columbia
18.   North Dakota
19.   Utah


sjhaskamp said...

LOVE IT this is amazing Cant wait to hear all about your amazing adventure!!! See you soon~~~ love haskamp~~~

Anonymous said...

I will be impressed if you see Hawaii!